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      Acacia Honey (Get Jungle Honey Free)

      Acacia Honey (Get Jungle Honey Free)

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      Authentic Acacia Honey is produced by collecting nectar from the flowers of black locust trees in the serene Kashmir Valley of India.

      FEATURES: This honey naturally possesses hydrogen peroxide, which is very high on antibacterial component. As it is unheated, unpasteurized, and unprocessed it serves as the best ingredient for your daily diet.


      - Treat Acne

      - Shine & Condition your Hair

      - Fight Insomnia

      - Releive Anxiety

      - Sooth a Cough

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      • Weight Loss

      • Improve Digestion

      • Energy Boost

      • Smooth & Glowing skin

      • Relieves Headaches, Colds & Coughs

      • Natural Sweatner


      How much honey can I eat every day?

      Ideally, three to five tablespoons of honey a day is good enough. However, you can consume it according to your diet and preferences. But always remember to consume it in moderation.

      Is it true that the thicker the consistency, the better the honey?

      Not necessarily. Honey consistency can vary due to factors like temperature and floral sources. The quality of honey is more about purity, flavor, and overall taste, rather than its thickness.

      Do you heat your honey?

      Absolutely not. Heating raw honey can compromise its beneficial enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Therefore, we refrain from heating our honey. We ensure it reaches you in its pure, unaltered state, brimming with its inherent nutritional value and goodness.