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      Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil (Certified Organic)

      Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil (Certified Organic)

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      The finest and purest Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil is extracted in a traditional mill (chekku / ghani) using natural techniques. It has a light yellow color and a neutral flavor.

      To retain most of the nutrients, we use cold-pressed technology to obtain this oil. It is done at a low temperature to maintain the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.


      - Use it in Salad Dressing

      - Add it to your morning Smoothie or Fresh Pressed Juice

      - Use it as Facial Cleanser & Moisturiser

      - Rubbing on scalp helps to keep it itch and flake free

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      • Helps in Preventing Arthritis

      • Provides Healthy Nervous System

      • Reduces Premature Signs of Aging

      • Fights Asthma

      • Assists in Hair Care

      • Controls Cholesterol Level


      What type of cooking is it suitable for?

      Sunflower oil is a versatile all-purpose cooking oil known for its mild taste and clear appearance. With its remarkable stability, it remains non-volatile even when subjected to high temperatures, making it an ideal choice for deep frying. Additionally, sunflower oil finds its place in low-heat cooking techniques, such as being an essential component in sauces or serving as a key ingredient in the creation of luscious sunflower seed butter.

      Is it safe to use sunflower oil on the skin?

      Sunflower oil stands as one of the richest sources of Vitamin E, offering a shield against free radicals and the sun's harmful effects on the skin. There exist multiple ways to apply sunflower oil on your skin to harness the benefits of Vitamin E for your skin's well-being.