Wildflower Organic Honey

How PURE WHITES Wild Flower Honey is Different??

Commercial Honey which you get normally under different brands and at stores is produced by Beekeeping. Wooden Boxes are placed around a farm with flowering crops where honeybee produce honey out of secretions of normally single kind of flowers in the field.

Pure White Honey is as it comes from the natural forests and is collected from Wild Bee Colonies “Madhu Makhi Ka Chhata” as we normally call it.

So true to our Company “ Back to Roots” Pure White Honey  is Honey collected in ancient style and thus captures all the virtues of Natural Forest vegetation, herbs and flowers.


Tulsi Honey is Just the add-on of Multi flora Honey, Where we have added Tulsi one of the well-recognized panacea, Immunity Booster, to add more power to Multi Flora.

Tulsi Honey